General Management of the company

Under the Articles of Association, our Senior Management consists of a Managing Director and a Financial Director, who report to the Supervisory Board and to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The General Management is appointed by the Supervisory Board for an indefinite period of time.

Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board supervises Senior Management policy as well as the general developments in the company and its associated businesses. Additionally, the Senior Management submits certain decisions, defined in the Articles of Association, to the Supervisory Board for approval.

Members, divisions and Members’ Council

The members of the Cooperative are divided into seven regional divisions, each of which has its own divisional management which is chosen during the divisional meetings attended by the division’s members. The divisional management members appoint a maximum of seven representatives per division on an annual basis. These representatives make up the Members’ Council, the highest administrative body within the Cooperative.

The Members’ Council deals with: the adoption of the Cooperative’s financial statements, granting the Cooperative’s Management Board discharge from liability in respect of the performance of its duties, amendments to the Cooperative’s Articles of Association and regulations, and appointing members to the Cooperative’s Management Board.

Management Board of the Cooperative

The Management Board of the Cooperative consists of members of the Cooperative appointed by the Members’ Council. The composition of the Management Board reflects the best possible mix of representatives from the Cooperative’s membership based on regions and product groups. The Board is responsible for serving the interests of the Cooperative’s members and the business conducted by the Cooperative through the company and its subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries and partnerships

We cooperate with great, specialised companies in the sector. These are our subsidiaries:

  • Hagé International
  • Hollander Barendrecht
  • Hoogsteder fruit and vegetables
  • Naturelle
  • Wagenaar
  • Dijco International Transport
  • Blue Sky Cargo
  • Dalice